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Very little. The first few days of orthodontics and in appointments where new adjustments are made, the patients may experience some pain, but the pain disappears on its own. The pain from orthodontics is very insignificant compared to the pain from tooth extraction, root canal, etc. In case of any pain, the patient can also use mild painkillers the first few days.
One of the advertisements lately seen in social media and other places is straightening the teeth without orthodontics, referred to as one-day orthodontics, orthodontics with laser, fast orthodontics, etc. In these methods, in fact, there is no movement of the teeth and just the extruded and crooked parts are pared down along with the enamel. The recessed parts are filled with laminate and composite. As patients may already know, although these methods are cheaper and faster than orthodontics, they won’t have the durability and permanent effectiveness of orthodontics. In these methods, the teeth will decay in the pared areas and after a while the composites will change color and need further repair. Therefore, it is advised to be patient and with the increased awareness and understanding of the importance of healthy teeth, don’t make a mistake in choosing the wrong options with irreparable consequences
Anonymous :
I have orthodontics on my upper teeth. My orthodontist suggested that two of my upper teeth (4,4) should be removed. But, he extracted tooth no.3 from one side and no.4 from the other side. I was very concerned and in my next appointment asked him why he extracted tooth no.3? Was it a mistake? He said either I didn’t have tooth no.3 from birth or it’s been removed before. I’m very concerned. I look forward to your response. Thanks a lot.
Dr. Hadi Darvishpour :
In treatments, especially the ones associated with tooth extraction, the orthodontist usually applies braces on both jaws, and if there is a tooth missing at one side (for example, a canine is missing), either from birth or it’s been removed before, no tooth will be extracted from that side, and only from the other side.
No, removable functional orthodontic just improve jaw problems before maturation but after maturation you need to have brace and jaw surgery together.
No. Functional orthodontics is effective at an earlier age. This type of treatment is usually done at the age of 11 to 14 in boys, and 10 to 13 in girls.
Yes, braces should be applied on all your teeth, and the treatment will take between 15 to 24 months.
This condition is called gummy smile and it can be treated with removable orthodontics.
Yes, there are tooth colored braces and wires available. For more information on orthodontics methods that are not noticeable or are less noticeable, please refer to the following articles: Invisalign Braces Damon Braces Lingual Orthodontics
Orthodontics can be done just for one jaw, but it’s best to get braces on both jaws in order to align them together.
Yes, your problem can be solved with orthodontics.