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Dr. Hadi Darvishpour holds a PhD in orthodontics and maxillofacial abnormalities.

I have had the honor to win the first rank of the specialized board in the highest specialized orthodontic exam in Iran, which is held by the Ministry of Health, and to be honored by the Minister of Health and the head of the Iranian Medical System Organization. I hope that with the cooperation of other clinic staff, we can bring you decent orthodontic services and a beautiful smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do braces hurt?
August 13, 2016
Very little. The first few days of orthodontics and in appointments where new adjustments are made, the patients may experience some pain, but the pain disappears on its own. The pain from orthodontics is very insignificant compared to the pain from tooth extraction, root canal, etc. In case of any pain, the patient can also use mild painkillers the first few days.
August 13, 2016
One of the advertisements lately seen in social media and other places is straightening the teeth without orthodontics, referred to as one-day orthodontics, orthodontics with laser, fast orthodontics, etc. In these methods, in fact, there is no movement of the teeth and just the extruded and crooked parts are pared down along with the enamel. The recessed parts are filled with laminate and composite. As patients may already know, although these methods are cheaper and faster than orthodontics, they won’t have the durability and permanent effectiveness of orthodontics. In these methods, the teeth will decay in the pared areas and after a while the composites will change color and need further repair. Therefore, it is advised to be patient and with the increased awareness and understanding of the importance of healthy teeth, don’t make a mistake in choosing the wrong options with irreparable consequences
August 13, 2016
Yes, there isn’t any problem with doing sports while in treatment. Just the sports, in which there is a chance of getting hurt in the face, should be avoided as much as possible or a mouth protector should be used. If the patient is using removable braces, he should take out the orthodontic appliance before sports.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to your most common questions may be found here

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