9 Home remedies for toothache pain

Are you looking any home remedies for toothache pain? The trustable home remedies can get ride you of toothache until you see a dentist.

Factors that causes toothache including:

  • Tooth decay
  • Loose filling
  • Cracked tooth
  • Abscess
  • Inappropriate sinuous condition

Clove oil

1.  Clove oil (one of the best home remedies for toothache)

Cloves are a home remedies for toothache and nerve fatigue. The primary chemical composition of this spice is eugenol that contain natural anesthetic specific. Clove oil should be used carefully, if it pours on your tongue or sensitive gum tissue, your pain will get worse. It is better pour two drop of clove oil on a piece of cotton then put it against your tooth to subside tooth pain. You can also use the powdered clove as well as putting a clove flower on your tooth.

You can wet the clove flower into the oil then keep it on your tooth for half an hour until your pain relieve.

Salt water rinse

2. Salt water rinse

You can solve one teaspoon of salt into the boil water and make a mouth washer that relive your pain. It is also helpful to subside sore throat. You can swish this mouth washer in your mouth for about 30 second. Salt water can clean tooth surrounding as well as weaken the fluid that cause swelling.


3. Tea

Tea is one of the home remedies for toothache . Peppermint tea contain a nice flavor that is energetic. You can put one teaspoon mint powder in a cup of boiled water and leave it 20 minutes to be prepared. After it get cold, you can swish it in your mouth and then spit it out or swallow.

Black tea is even very effective and useful. The astringent tannin in black tea are strong and help to subside tooth pain. If you keep a warm and wet tea bag against the damaged tooth, you will find how it can revile your toothache.

Hydrogen Peroxide rinse

4. Hydrogen Peroxide rinse

You can swish 3% hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria and remove some oral problems. If your toothache is associated with fever and unpleasant taste in your mouth, it is a sign of infection. Hydrogen peroxide as one of the home remedies for toothache and temporary painkiller helps you until you refer to a dentist. Hydrogen peroxide is just a mouth washer substance that should be spit out and then wash your mouth with water. Anyway you should remove source of infection as soon as possible.


5. Ice

Put a piece of ice in a plastic bag then wrap it by a thin cloth and apply it around 15 minutes on your sensitive tooth in order to numb your tooth nerve. You can also put the ice pack on your stomach to relive your tooth pain. According to folklore, if you massage your hand by an ice cube, your toothache will relieve. As your finger nerves send the cold signal to your brain, the pain signal may be canceled. Put an ice cube inside a thin cloth and massage the fleshy space between your thumb and the forefinger by the ice cube.

Vinegar and brown paper

6. Vinegar and brown paper

Another home remedies for toothache and  relieving tooth sensitivity is wetting a piece of brown paper in vinegar and hold it on your cheek. The warm feeling on your cheek will subside your toothache.

Brushing with toothpaste

7. Brushing with toothpaste

You can brush your teeth by toothpaste which are designed for sensitive tooth, it can remove many pain that are related to hot and cold sensitivity.

If you have receding gum (For more information you can refer to receding gum article) and your gums are recessed, the dentin beneath of your tooth’s enamel surface is exposed and get more sensitive. If you use soft toothbrush and special toothpaste, it will be very effective to protect the gum tissue and prevent further gingival recession.

By healthy gum, the life is more convenience.

Soft sugar-free gum

8. Soft sugar-free gum

If your tooth is broken or lost you can cover the pain area with a soft chewing gum. It can help to revile your pain until you see a dentist. To prevent further problems, avoid chewing anything by the damaged tooth.

Apply pressure on finger

9. Apply pressure on finger

You can apply a pressure technique to prevent the toothache. You can make pressure on your finger base according to the above image. Keep it continue around two minutes. This can help to release endorphins, the brain’s feel-good hormones, and remove your toothache.


What you can do if you have toothache while wearing braces?

Usually orthodontists apply moveable and fixed braces in orthodontic. These braces are able to make a pressure on your tooth to move them gently into the ideal position. The main reason of toothache during the orthodontic treatment is due to the tissues that are under the pressure and the braces movement. Whenever your orthodontist makes a new arrangement or manipulate your braces, your teeth won’t accept it easily and tend to move back to their prior position. On the other hand, your mouth tries to adjust with the new problem. The changes that occur due to the teeth movement to the determined location, can causes toothache. Fortunately, this is a temporary pain and will remove soon.

Sudden pain in orthodontic

If you feel sudden sever pain while wearing braces, it is not a normal condition and should be considered as soon as possible. The pain during the orthodontic cares and arch wire adjustment, is totally different with the other tooth pain. These pains may cause by sinus infection or cavity. (For more information you can read the toothache article).

Dietary changes to relieve toothache

If you did the orthodontic treatment, it’s better change your diet. Eating the spicy, oily and hard food can lead to worse toothache, especially if you the pain is one side of your jaw. You should also avoid eating very hot or cold foods. Your toothache may relive by eating soft foods such as potato, yoghurt, egg and the other similar soft food (For more information you can read the orthodontic and food article).